We designed our unique Operating Partner program to put smart, driven people in a position to run a store as their own and share in the success of a nationally-known brand. Join us and make your passion your career; we'll be with you every step of the way!

The Process


Once you apply, a Fleet Feet Store Support Team member will contact you to schedule a call to talk you through the Operating Partner (OP) process and answer questions you have.

Speak with Existing Operating Partners

Speaking with existing operating partners will provide insight into the process, so you have a clear understanding of the path ahead.

Visit with our Fleet Feet Store Support Team in North Carolina

By visiting our team, you will learn details about the OP program and meet our staff to determine if this path is a good FIT for you.

Train and Develop

Training is necessary for success. If you do not live near a Fleet Feet store, you may be asked to move to master the training you will need to become an OP. We require proficiency on the sales floor, training employees, meeting budgets, hitting sales ratios, and customer acquisition.

Become a General Manager (GM)

You will have the opportunity to take over an existing Fleet Feet store, an independent running store that is ready to sell or to help us open a brand-new store. To reach this step, we rank employees by their preparedness and geographic flexibility (we do our best to match you with a market you'll love, but flexibility is key). You will hold the role of GM for at least one year and learn every aspect of operating a store. 

Become an Operating Partner

After serving as GM for at least one year and demonstrating the ability to manage the store efficiently, we will provide you with an opportunity to become an OP in the same store. At this point, you will have the ability to earn bonuses and a percentage of all profits.


What are we looking for in an Operating Partner?

  • An ambitious leader with a strong work ethic
  • A passion for bringing health and fitness to your community 
  • Drive to successfully run your own business

What are the initial requirements? 

  • Mobility. You may be asked to move more than once. 
  • Flexibility. We cannot tell you how long the journey will take or where it will take you. 
  • Retail experience is a plus, not a requirement. If you are genuinely interested in this program and still need to gain retail experience, a job in one of our stores will help you in the process.


How will I be assigned to a market?

Opportunities are available around the country. Still, the more flexible you are, the easier and quicker it will be to find you a position.

What are the salary and benefits?

As an operating partner, you will receive a competitive salary with profit sharing and a bonus structure as well as full medical, dental, and vision insurance.

How does a typical workday look?

As an operating partner, you are responsible for running the store in your market. You should expect to work 50 to 60 hours per week. You’ll oversee:

  • Hiring and training staff
  • Community engagement
  • Driving sales and customer acquisition
  • Customer experience
  • Inventory management
  • Merchandising

You are also expected to attend trainings and an annual Fleet Feet conference in addition to testing and embracing new brand-wide initiatives.

Meet some of our Operating Partners

Frank and Stacey DeJulius

Cincinnati, OH

Operating Partners since 2011

Previous Occupation: Frank has been in the running and outdoor industries on both the retail and vendor sides and Stacey was a meteorologist.

Michelle Fogle

Wilmington, NC

Operating Partner since 2014

Previous Occupation: Michelle did marketing for the Houston Texans and Columbus Blue Jackets.

Jackie and Phil Young

Davenport, IA

Operating Partners since 2016

Previous Occupation: Jackie was an administrator and Phil was a running specialty store manager.

Dustin Shinholser

Athens, GA

Operating Partner since 2010

Previous Occupation: Dustin was a running specialty store manager.

Michael and Jenafer McCauley

Augusta, GA

Operating Partners since 2009

Previous Occupation: Michael owned and operated another Fleet Feet prior to Augusta and Jenafer was a running specialty store manager.

Steve and Jennifer Carter

Chattanooga, TN

Operating Partners since 2016

Previous Occupation: Steve managed another Fleet Feet for many years and Jennifer is still a nurse. Their son Davis, shown here, works in the store.

Brett and Kristin Albers

Mishawaka, IN

Operating Partners since 2014

Previous Occupation: Brett managed another Fleet Feet and Kristin taught 7th grade language arts.

Garrett Sage

San Antonio, TX

Operating Partner since 2015

Previous Occupation: Garrett was an Operations Manager for Amazon.


Meet Robyn, Your New Best Friend

Hello! As the corporate office’s longest-tenured employee and Vice President of Development, I will be your first point of contact. Whether you dream of opening a new franchise, operating a store, converting your independent running store, or selling your independent running store, I can walk you through the process, answer questions, and help you to make your dream a reality. ... But I’m not the only one! You’ll also meet Brian, Frank, Lisa, Matt, Vicky, and others who will help you with site selection, lease negotiation, buildout/remodels, training, and on-boarding in all aspects of operating a Fleet Feet store. I encourage you to submit an inquiry form to start the process. We look forward to meeting you!

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