Why Fleet Feet?

When you've been around since 1976, many people ask, "What makes you tick?" For Fleet Feet, the answer lies resoundingly with our dedication to local ownership.

We know the "secret sauce" comes from finding and supporting the right owners to open a Fleet Feet. Owning your own business is tough work; owning your own business that also simultaneously builds and sustains a local running community requires leaders lit from within by passion and a desire to truly change lives. 

Our 50-person Store Support Team in Carrboro, N.C. exists to help those business owners, who run over 270 locally owned and operated locations and counting in 40 states, become better and more efficient at what they do. You won't find a group of people more committed to helping local owners help local running communities than you will at Fleet Feet.

If you have a desire to become a part of something that truly changes lives, then we want to meet you. 

Owning a Fleet Feet franchise has allowed me to help the people in my community become more healthy and active. I work for myself, do something I’m extremely passionate about, and change people’s lives.

Christi Beth Adams
Nashville, TN

Meet our Owners and Operators

“Owning a Fleet Feet isn’t just a rewarding profession, it’s a fulfilling life to live.”

Frank and Stacey DeJulius

Cincinnati, OH

Owner Since 2019

Previous Occupation: Frank has been in the running and outdoor industries on both the retail and vendor sides, and Stacey was a meteorologist.

“The Fleet Feet team has been incredible.  From site discovery, to build out, to tools and programs, they’ve given us everything we’ve needed to succeed. ”

Paul, Shawn, and Cathy Rogers

Myrtle Beach, SC

Owner Since 2016

Previous Occupation: Paul was in the military for 8 years and then in sales management. Cathy was a teacher. Their son Shawn worked in retail.

“The support I receive from Fleet Feet, and the wealth of knowledge provided by owners across the country, allows me to own my own business (three stores!) and manage a balanced family life. What a tremendous blessing!”

Christi Beth Adams

Nashville, TN

Owner Since 2001

Previous Occupation: Christi Beth was a Fleet Feet manager.

“Owning Fleet Feet Augusta has brought our community to us. We love connecting with runners and fitness enthusiasts from all walks of life.”

Michael and Jenafer McCauley

Augusta, GA

Owner Since 2019

Previous Occupation: Michael owned and operated another Fleet Feet store prior to Augusta, and Jenafer was a running specialty store manager.

“Through Fleet Feet, I have become a force in our community to help people discover pathways to healthy and active lifestyles.”

Jeff Henderson

Columbus, OH

General Manager since 2008

Previous Occupation: Jeff was an elementary school teacher.

“When you do what you love, you'll never have to work a day in your life. I haven't worked a day since I became the owner of Fleet Feet Hartford on June 8, 2008.”

Stephanie and Carrie Blozy

Hartford, CT

Owner Since 2008

Previous Occupation: Stephanie was a meteorologist. Her sister Carrie worked as a CPA.

“Owning a Fleet Feet store allows me to combine my passion for wellness and my community into a career.”

Vinny and Kerri Marchionni

Laguna Niguel, CA

Owner Since 2016

Previous Occupation: Vinny is currently a plant manager. Kerri was a yoga instructor.

“Fleet Feet is built with individuals whose passion, talents, and hard work are all directed at achieving excellence. Being a part of this team allows us to pursue unlimited potential to grow our own business within this shared goal. With Fleet Feet, the autonomy of owning your own business does not mean facing challenges alone. There are 100 other owners to seek support from, and an entire support team willing help.”

John Long and Eric Bartos

John - Minneapolis, MN / Eric - Orlando, FL

John converted his store in 2014; Eric has been an owner since 2007.

Previous Occupation: John has owned multiple running specialty stores and Eric was in real estate.

“Fleet Feet has given us a platform to give back. I’m not sure there is another profession that could combine all of our passions with our livelihood. Our three daughters are proud of what we do and love to be involved.”

Emily and Keith Davis

Winston-Salem, NC

Owner Since 2006

Previous Occupation: Emily did marketing and branding. Keith was in banking.

“Running changes everything. If those three words resonate with you the way they do with me, then you need to inquire about opening a store. Don’t wait!”

Dave Zimmer

Chicago, IL

Owner Since 1996

Previous Occupation: Dave had a career in marketing and radio.

“Fleet Feet started out as a job. Now it’s our career, and we can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Chris and Kendra Loignon

Greenville, NC

Owner Since 2017

Previous Occupation: Chris was a Fleet Feet employee in Winston-Salem, NC. Kendra was a nurse.

“Fleet Feet proves there’s a successful way to own a responsible business, make our community better, support the goals of our brand partners, and create career pathways for people.”

Julie and Wade Pannell

Spokane, WA and Portland, OR

Owner Since 2012

Previous Occupation: Julie was a teacher. Wade was a landscape architect.

“We are as passionate about owning a Fleet Feet today as we were on day one. We never thought we could find a career that would be as rewarding.”

Jessica and Matt Anderson

Madison, WI

Owner Since 2005

Previous Occupation: Jessica was a Fleet Feet employee in Sacramento, CA and Matt was a city planner.

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Wade Pannell

Charlie Woodruff

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