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Fleet Feet works with entrepreneurs who want to own their own business and are looking for tools and support to help them succeed. It’s your business with a team of people behind you. And we have your back!

Meet some of the entrepreneurs who have partnered with us over the past 40 years and helped us to create a national brand.

Julie Sibley

Bloomington, IL

Owner Since 2013

Previous Occupation: Julie was a Spanish professor.

Jason and Jeff Wells

Richmond, VA

Owner Since 2002

Previous Occupation: Jeff was a civil engineer. Jason was a Fleet Feet employee and operating partner.

Tim Dreiling

Tulsa, OK

Owner Since 2003

Previous Occupation: Tim was a Civil/Process Engineer who designed industrial water and wastewater treatment systems.

Molly and David Jackson

Sarasota, FL

Owner Since 2011

Previous Occupation: Molly and David were New Balance retail store and boutique owners.

Doug and Lori Borer

Lincoln, NE

Owner Since 2017

Previous Occupation: Doug owns a home framing contractor company and Lori was a mortgage lender, coach and race director.

Carol Gilpin

Vacaville, CA

Owner Since 2004

Previous Occupation: Carol was a registered dietitian specializing in sports nutrition and diabetic education.

Chris and Amy Minkel

Mount Pleasant, SC

Owner Since 2013

Previous Occupation: Chris managed high end, private country clubs and Amy was in healthcare, first as a registered nurse and then in staff development, management and operations.

David and Debby Spetnagel

St. Louis, MO

Owner Since 1993

Previous Occupation: David was an Aerospace Engineer at McDonnell Douglas and Debby was a Senior Accountant.

Hollie and Dave Eenigenburg

Schererville, IN

Owner Since 2008

Previous Occupation: Dave did outside sales then opened a Trek cycle shop which he still owns.

Bobby and Karen Levin

Baltimore, MD

Owner Since 2003

Previous Occupation: Bobby was an attorney and the Vice President for Business and Finance at Wilmington College. Karen was a school teacher, school administrator and cross-country coach.

Andy and Kathy Roat

Des Moines, IA

Owner Since 2014

Previous Occupation: Andy was in radio sales and Kathy is still a trainer.

Heather and Jody Herzog

Cleveland, OH

Owner Since 2004

Previous Occupation: Heather was in childcare and Jody worked at a lab focused on Epidemiology and Biostatistics.

Ellen Brenner and Boots

Rochester and Buffalo, NY

Owner Since 2004

Previous Occupation: Ellen was a Certified Project Manager for IT at EDS before becoming the Apparel Product Manager for Terry Precision Cycling. Boots has been an employee at multiple running specialty stores.

Nick Stump

Delray Beach, FL

Owner Since 2015

Previous Occupation: Nick was a high school teacher and coach.

Bill and Sheila Burgess

Greenville, SC

Owner Since 2006

Previous Occupation: Sheila owns the store and has played multiple roles in the running industry both on the retail and vendor sides.

Jim and Danny Braden

Houston, TX

Owner Since 1987

Previous Occupation: Jim was an Assistant Controller and Director of Accounting and his son Danny was a Fleet Feet employee.

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